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About the Club

The Plainview Municipal Country Club was first formed in 1943. It was a unique partnership between the City of Plainview and private citizens of the town. The City had several tracts of land that had been bequeath to them and they had the desire to establish a Municipal Golf Course on that land.  At the same time, a large group of private individuals who resided in Plainview wished to form a country club for enhanced dining and recreational activities. The two parties came together and the Plainview Municipal Country Club was born. Since 1943, the PCC has undergone several metamorphoses. The original clubhouse was demolished in 1995 and the present-day structure was constructed.


Along with the new PCC Clubhouse, which is reserved exclusively for PCC members, a large ballroom, smaller meeting rooms and lobby was added to serve as the City of Plainview Civic Center. The Civic Center and meeting rooms are available to the general public for rental. The championship golf course also serves a dual purpose. It is the golf course for the use of the PCC Membership and it serves as the City of Plainview Municipal Golf Course. This means that the general public may play on the course at any time, with certain restrictions on weekends, by paying a green fee. This partnership is truly unique in the history of country clubs and makes the PCC a one-of-a-kind club in the United States.


Today the PCC operates a country club that offers its members a championship golf course, a swimming pool and clubhouse that incorporates the Lounge, the 19th Hole, the Grille restaurant and meeting rooms. In conjunction with the private club, the PCC also manages the Civic Center and Municipal Golf Course for the City of Plainview. At times, it can be very complex and a tad confusing which hat we are wearing at what time but remember whether it be a private

PCC function or member or it is a public event and guest of the City, all persons who cross through our doors are to be afforded the best in service and respect. 

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