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Jump on in and make a splash! 

Plainview Municipal Country Club’s pool makes summers at the Club relaxing … and exciting!

Whether you are a swimmer or a sunbather, the Plainview Country Club's Pool is the place to be.  The wide spread, pool area is especially geared toward families with children.  We provide an atmosphere where even the youngest swimmers feel safe and welcome; where teenagers can learn and have fun; and where adults can relax and enjoy the summer.  Features include:  fully certified lifeguards, poolside food/beverage dining with made-to-order meals. With Monthly events, there’s always something happening that you can join in on.  Remember to mark your calendar for regular events like our Annual Pool Committee Jump into Summer Party and our amazing End-of-Summer Bash.

  • Fully certified lifeguards

  • Full service food and beverage

  • Member birthday parties

  • Adult Pool Parties


Summer Pool Membership

The Plainview Country Club pool is completely private and only open to members during the summer months. We do offer a summer pool membership for a one- time fee of $500.00. This membership is temporary for the current year’s pool season only & does not include membership use of the clubhouse or golf course and excludes any charge privileges.

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